Welcome to Tex-Chick Puertorrican Restaurant!

Located in Midtown Houston (712 1/2 Fairview ST) between Montrose & Bagby, Tex-Chick Puertorrican Restaurant is renowned for its typical puertorrican homecooked meals. We invite you to visit & discover the Tex-Chick Puertorrican Restaurant experience.


The History of Tex-Chick

The name Tex - Chick originated back in the early 50's when a man from Oklahoma owned Tex-Chick on Montrose Blvd.   While working for Walgreen's Cafeterias located in the corner of Westheimer & Montrose, Teodoro (Teo) Gonzalez and the owner of Tex-Chick became friends.  When the owner of Tex-Chick decided to retire, he offered the business to Teo.  Although Teo was not too crazy about the idea of owning Tex-Chick he and his wife Carmen bought the business.  Tex-Chick was a very small operation that provided only Food to Go. The menu resembled that of typical hamburger joints in that time.  Teo's passion of cooking inspired him to add new products to the menu, like Steak Sandwiches, and Onion Rings (still famous today).  After a few years, Teo & Carmen decided to head back to their homeland, Puerto Rico and closed Tex-Chick.


 Only after a short time in Puerto Rico, Teo & Carmen decided to come back to Houston.  Unfortunately they found out that the old Tex-Chick location was already taken by another business.  Since Teo and Carmen knew the area well, Teo decided to meet with a friend and neighbor named Mr. Garcia (RIP) to discuss using his property.  Mr. Garcia allowed Teo to re-build his business in Mr. Garcias' property (the present location 712 1/2 Fairview ST) and Tex-Chick was born again.


Through the years, Teo and Carmen decided to change the menu and since Teo was such a great cook, he decided to try puertorrican food.  Although no one taught him how to cook these plates, he had plenty of experience eating them. This is how puertorrican meals ended up in a restaurant called Tex-Chick.  Throughout the years, these puertorrican plates became so famous in the area, that a choice had to be made; Teo was forced to reduce his menu options since the restaurant was too small to store all the ingredients for so many different plates.  He made the choice to keep the steak sandwiches, hamburgers and onion rings from the original Tex-Chick menu and combined these with the typical puertorrican home meals.


As time passed, Tex-Chick became more famous.  It was the only puertorrican restaurant in Houston for many years. As time progressed, more and more puertorricans began to frequent Tex-Chick to the point that it was packed almost every day.  No one was a stranger in Tex-Chick, if you were from Puerto Rico, someone knew your family.  Everyone that entered Tex-Chick felt right a home.  The atmosphere is a very casual, as if you are walking into your grandmas kitchen.  Tex-Chick is not only for puertorricans.  Puertorricans are constantly bringing their friends and family here to try the food.  After all, with odd hours and a hidden location it is assumed that you were introduced to Tex-Chick through someone else.  People of all ages and different ethnic backgrounds feel right at home.  Do not be surprised if you see a famous person sitting next to you.  Anyone who knows Teo knows his love for Baseball and all his players. It is well known in the MLB among the players that if they want a lot of tasty home cooked style food, Tex-Chick in Houston is the place to go. 


In the Spring of 1986, Carlos A. Perez, a young student of the University of Houston, met Teo and Carmen.  Through the years, this "skinny" puertorrican college student began visiting Tex-Chick on a weekly basis.  As years progressed, this student became a working man and kept visiting Tex-Chick with his wife and kids.  The friendship between Carlos, Teo, and Carmen resembled that of a family.  During the Fall of 2008 after many lunch meetings Carlos and Teo discussed the possibility of closing Tex-Chick.   Carmen and Teo were getting to the point that running Tex-Chick six days a week was not what they wanted to keep doing.   Selling the place was an option but unfortunately after two attemps to sell the business, the transition never took effect.  It was not until the month of November that Carmen and Teo proposed that Carlos keep the place.  Similar to the way that Teo acquired Tex-Chick from the original owner in the 70's, Carlos took possesion of Tex-Chick in February of 2009.  Today you can still see Teo in the restaurant.  He constantly checks in to mke sure that Carlos does not mess up all the hard work that he and Carmen had put into it for over 35 years.  Teo trains every employee that is going to cook at Tex-Chick because according to Teo, "Carlos can't cook."  Carlos replies to Teo's statement by saying, "I have been eating this food for over 23 years. You may know how to cook it but I am the one that knows how it should taste." The relation between Carlos, Teo, and Carmen is still a close one. Although Carlos and Teo are always joking and teasing each other, Carlos has a lot of admiration for Teo and Carmen and all of their accomplishments.  Don't be surprised if you show up one day and Teo and Carmen are working behind the counter, they will always continue to be a part of Tex-Chick.  Teo is still The Boss!